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American Sentimentalism



                                             We should look


How much blindness

is streamed through the purview –

what does its

resting face look like?  How many

straddled its haunches

and rode off into the sunset – in insubordination

of time?  So many of the problems

we are confronting

are a direct result of the fact that slavery was never fully

abolished? Angela Davis seems to ask incredulously, because the potion

is still sticking to our lips.  How many genocides (in the name of democracy)

does it take for you to drink history into romance, again, then squarely consider

white-tablecloth minutiae?  It’s a panacea, an all-encompassing cure, to somehow imagine

the ability to go back.  That there is a back.  It inoculates one

to the present circumstance, and the shame                                                    straight into it            

one must feel                                                                                      

to want to retreat.  To want to live there.  Not here, in these more complicated

times, the sun

blazing            some home

so far away


                                                            and never go home.




Posted 02/23/19
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