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As America Continues On

Those moments 

when the light

gets beyond oneself - 

for instance,

heaving mulch

through a crowd.

Or when a little thing

plants them self

inside your life.

Now this is not the innocence - 

Baldwin speaks of

that refuses to grow up,

this is the kind

that spots the distance - 

and transmogrifies the lighthouse.

We know that racism is bad

for all of us

except the ruling elite.

That punchline

that pits us

against each other.


that is as undeserved

as pain,

pushing us

away from universality,

towards marginality.

We are all cloaked in it - 

waiting for some light

to break,

and then - not without resistance

it does; old Time, 

dancin’ outside the window.

Posted 05/07/21
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