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Auld Lang Syne

To dance with death,

bite at the claustrophobia,


‘cause everybody

is having some-life crisis


most of the time, and even

Ardent Grace


is nickel and dimed     happiness

must be wrought furiously


and with patience –

we have robust and ancestral love


for your truculent and ghostly racism.

You know the South accused the North


of enslaving them?  Of being tyrants?  Yeah,

and Black Lives Matter


are terrorists.  There is a long and mostly unwritten



of white people being offended.  And you know those of us

who were engulfed by that little bit of magic, the broad swath


of youth, want Bernie to run run run run run.  Damn the consequences. 

And we’ve brought home


this little miracul-oso, this little giant, who in his mother’s arms

is all the beauty


I can take.  I sit, in his room, late at night; have a drink, stalling, and for just

one moment


I can almost

stop time.   





Posted 12/30/18
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