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Biden, Unbidden –

You can have the stars

in a cloudless sky,


but you can’t

have it both ways.


You can have the sun

after a storm,


the neighbors

out on their front porch


coming and going,

but can you


absorb pain?  Your realism

is unheroic, and worse,


blind.  The economy

you guys grew up with


is gone.  What happened?! 

Corrupt corporate power


inhabited the language

of civil rights.  Even unions


went silent, under “Right to Work”

laws.  Public campaign finance


through “Citizens United.”  They all

smoked a drug, then used it to terrorize


black people, calling it “Violent Crime Control

and Law Enforcement.”  You underwrote


this story, and still

don’t see the irony.  I couldn’t


call ya dumb, so you must

be greedy.



Posted 03/07/20
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