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Cry Hypocrite

I was despondent.

Milquetoast, moribund. 

Spending my time

crying hypocrite, taking no risks,

while blowing the status quo.


                                             (A horn song.)


It was a privileged position,

to portend

to be able to play both sides

without offending nobody.  Unsurprisingly,

I didn’t have much to say, and spent my time

crying hypocrite, placing no bets,

and blowing the status quo.


                                             (A horn song.)


It was a couple of books, or a mass movement,

that knocked me down to size.  I was jubilant, flawed!

would rather die trying, break

from feeling, than spend my time

crying hypocrite – anything

but lonely, blowing up

the status quo.


                                             (A horn song.)


Something that preempts, and rebukes

tyranny –

not mediocrity –

a greatness, like art, bringing justice

to the condition

of being human.




Posted 09/27/20
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