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Economic Bill of Rights!


               In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident.


                               -Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 11, 1944



Freedom –  

from vanity.


if you let yourself

go truly all the way

in your head, the day

melting, moment


Freedom –

from the phrases “liberal bullshit” and

“fiscal conservative.”


abiding, night styling, you


Freedom –

from those who use racism, sexism,


xenophobia as a political

tactic; freedom –

from those who think it is only

a political tactic.


realize, last thought


All sacred religious texts

are formally announced as sacred historical

documents informed by both fact

and fiction, and, for all religions, one text

is formally given

precedent: the Golden Rule.




Everyone can always

do more, but – paradoxically – don’t let that guilt

make you do nothing! or worse, become

the enemy.  Intentions mean something.  Consciousness

is power.


to the first  


Every time

you say


you put someone

to sleep.






Posted 04/25/17
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