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Empire in Decline

Singularly sovereign

is the depravity

in deploying Elliot Abrams, again –


whose record

stones atrocity

vaccinates democracy

isn’t even so kind

as to attempt to


hypocrisy –


that is

before he was ever convicted of lying about it –

that is

before he was ever convicted of lying about it –


then pardoned.  And now



for the exact same schtick, 40 years later –


we must be fucking crazy?!  Asks Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, days after

correctly criticizing AIPAC, and Israel, to a chorus of


from Democrats and Republicans alike (the latter without exception)


meanwhile, they are still

performing exhumations

of childrens’ bodies

in El Mozote, El Salvador, from December 11th,

1981.  Meanwhile, we are not allowed to criticize

the perverse PAC-t between the United States and Israel

without being called antisemitic.  As if that kind

of skullduggery ever applies to anything but right-wing

extremism, to those who barter in hatred, to the detriment

of the fact of human lives.  Meanwhile, Israel needs

the Palestinian problem, like the United States needs

the Black problem: to avoid looking at themselves.  But we the people

see you.  Keep an area in tumult, as a scapegoat, and the mainland

will never be audited.  Whiteness wouldn’t exist

without an Imperial whip, and that bullshit falsetto

of innocence.  But we, the people

see you.


So – we should welcome

                              colonization, right? – should release the depraved forces

                                                                                          that occupy us, right?






Posted 02/14/19
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