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Take the students, they

fail, take more classes, spend

more money, the loan providers


they just made

another lifetime’s

worth of interest –


take the teachers, keep ‘em

expendable, the whole process

will repeat itself.


Take them when they’re sick, not

well, and only

if they have insurance –


take them doctors, drown them

in debt, fluster them

with fraud and abuse, but reward them 


handsomely.  Take poetry –

lock it up

in institutions!  Make it guilty


as sin (you should be doing

something)!  Take the truth, subjugate it

to everything I’m mentioning

(that’s corporate media)


take the prison system, a ruse

and a rake, cops to guard

those imperial gates,


a country                     so ashamed

of itself… let’s give it a marketing campaign,

too.  A rolled-up message


from across the border, and

four-hundred years old.  It sounds

like New Orleans,



serious, and light

as the breeze


Posted 05/14/19
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