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Fascist Groove Thing



                              Your lifestyle


Your deficit

just looks greedy –


your piety – never so afraid


Even your honesty

is in vain – yeah, I said           even your honesty

is in vain


You wouldn’t know your own



if you were president

of these United States.


Don’t worry!

You can always

cross your heart

like a republican,                     say


it never happened!


                              is allergic


Maybe you get there before me.  The teacher

is talking.  You hear nothing.  Just space.



to the left, the window: the sun


is coming down in sheets, the trees

green with photosynthesis –


some music we played

growing up, head


for the window, like it’s Sing Sing, singing

we don’t need no



groove thing


                              to learning


Love is a stolen moment, when

the work is done.  Yours


is just stolen – each politic/policy

is a proposed medicine


for reality sick, yours

is just marketing.  You wouldn’t



to tell me what to think


if you weren’t

so afraid. 






Posted 08/23/18
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