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Ok, Boomer

It’s in the cry

of your child, the delight


and worry – a healthy rejection

of consumerism, of the old American


dream, won’t be enough

to upend these thieves.  We were born


of your spiritual rebellion, and damn lucky

for it.  We raised good kids, as Michael Moore


says.  They know racism and sexism as structural,

not personal.  They know gender


as an abacus.  They love accordingly.  You told us

to be individuals.  You were right.  You were also


wrong.  On an individual scale, society is aberrant,

class irrelevant, even said progress                too easily


weaponized.  Ok, Boomers.  It’s on you

now – as I pick my son up


from his dank, soiled bed, his humidifier humming, spreading

the soiled air, at the very beginning of his goddamned life, the very


beginning.  What elixir

stopped you from believing?


Posted 02/01/20
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