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Only Good for Entertainment


in the prophecy

of my being.

Not special, 

quite the contrary - 

the hope is that

I have

some ability

to imagine

what could be - 

like Tupac

does rap,

like Bernie Sanders

does politics,

like Junot Diaz

does fiction,

like Joni Mitchell,

John Coltrane

do jazz,

like Briahna Joy Gray

does journalism,

like Nina Turner

also does politics

like the Young Turks

do news,

like Glen Greenwald

does post-truth,

pulling back the clouds,

exposing the sun

in its heat and solidarity,

or bringing them on,

exposing the rain

in its garb and corruption.

But here’s the trick: you have to

like people, or else you’re 

only good for 


Posted 07/12/21
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