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Political Love

I’ll defer to the community,

the wrought iron gates

and supple doors,

boxed-in porches,

a shopping cart

run amuck

into a patch of woods.  I’ll defer to the community,

because I’ve no place


left to go.  I need to see some hands

in the air!  This is the same music

I’ve always heard in my head.

Yes the neo-soul I loved

in college

has led me to care about campaign finance reform.  Yes in the steady rainfall

of prose

and flux-capacitor

of poetry

that followed soon after, I heard

that same music

but in the form of Springsteen and Dylan, a narrative

I could tribally jump into.  Yes that love for poetry and prose led me           to   

a thousand other artists/activists.  I heard it in trades men and women who worked

with wood and latex paint and concrete and dirt.  When I started teaching, I heard

and saw it

in my students.  I heard it when I fell in love

with you.  I heard it in your

son, and now

I hear it

in ours.  And somewhere in between all this, something miraculous happened.

A third door

opened, and I was kicked        into                  that room –

a room

full of ideas

and love.  A room, like the others, that exists

because there’s no place else

to go.  Similarly, it doesn’t defer

to pop culture, money, or institutionalism –   



Posted 05/15/19
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