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Rat in a Wheel

Who wants to be competent,

when you don’t know what death is


even punctuation,

constricts the mood


put your cameras away.  I want a 14th St. night, under a Union Square sign

under the moon.  I want to transcend, for 5 seconds.  Lose feeling


and find feeling.  Beat it.  I want everybody to stop telling me

what to do.  I want to walk along the Harbor, on a Sunday, heart beating


after a run, not working

at a coffee shop


on that same day.  I am just here to listen to what everybody else

has to say.  I’m on a midnight run


for toilet paper.  I got a book coming out, a beautiful gal, and a sweet boy

to judge me.  There is one person


who taught me to have an opinion in this world, and she is one

I most admire.  Can’t breathe, these days.  Allergies.


It’s how they all got rich, why would they want

to offset

the problem





Posted 05/01/17
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