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I want to be released

from memory,

like a bird

in the trees,

objectified, like a dot

on the concrete,

ossified, like a fossil, then thrown 

into the sea!  Reality

is humiliating.  Let me fall

with the branches, and run

with the bees, roll

with the rocks - 

I’ve had it with COVID - 

I’ll take the slime

on the back

of an amphibian, that weed

though the crack 

of the neighborhood street.  I’ll be dawn

as the earth spins, how ‘bout that?  The red cheek

of a baby.  I’ll be wheels 

and the smell of gasoline 

and the apple

that you’re eating, the kickup of dirt and dust

as you peel - I’ll be the manner

in which 

each of us

does everything, just not the tenor

of need.  Ain’t nothin wrong

with a vaccine 

mandate, but people remember

the surprise hospital bills, loan servicing 

fees.  The problem is an untrustworthy 

government, missing

the tenor

of need, so that

one - like me - would rather


than suffer

one more 


and you shame shaming me.

When will this country

finally allow 

for a little patriotism,

built on 


and loving people, bobbing, like a buoy

in the mist, the free market 


captured, the hypocrites

they are.

Posted 09/11/21
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