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That’s Democratic Socialism

One can slide easy

into the gig economy,


but there has got to be something

between being disposable


               Maybe that one shining moment


and being a machine.  We are out here,

bucking under technology


and corporate greed,

too many master’s degrees.  What’s left of the public


               doesn’t exist.


is hidden

in the crumbling infrastructure.  But we are peaking out


like solar panels,

remembering Henry Wallace


               The one where love wins.


should’ve been president.  Remembering Medgar, Malcom,

and Martin.  Eric Garner.


Sandra Bland.  Remembering Fred Hampton.  White s’premacy

works its way on down –


               But if we don’t


                                                                                          but we are stepping out

like pipelines, at Bernie Sanders rallies, from rural ruin to urban gentrification,


               try –


talkin’ about health care, speaking out, like Woody Guthrie

and Robert Johnson, like wind turbines,


in this dust bowl

called capitalism.      




Posted 04/17/19
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