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The Fall Guy

As long lines formed, he called the revolution



At every debate, he acted incredulous

that it should be anybody but him.


The media called a reactionary platform

reactionary, and continued to represent their corporate


interests.  Old people              called for a return

to normalcy, though that had long ago


left the building.  They elected a creepy old Democrat

to be the fall guy – at least


we’re not who we could’ve been, or are – at least

we’re good capitalists.  Remember George McGovern?


As long lines

continued to form


for the far-right tyrant, representative

of corporate interests and popular


discontent.  A liar.  A fraud.  The Fall Guy

tap dances in a corner somewhere, after


a piddly folksy rally somewhere, an Uncle Sam hat pushed down

and streamers


cloaking his shoulders

and shoes.  Out of a resounding and almost victorious


silence, again, he clicks his cane forward and clucks his hat

further down, Dick Van Dyke style.




Posted 03/08/20
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