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The Lonely Politician

Stark light, bright muse,

somebody find me a stump!


Son, this one’s for you.

I am here


to rock the sun! dismantle the art

of pandering.  You see, I never wanted a part


of such a soulless politic, which has everything to do

with playing it safe…  So I did what I could, struck notes


of progress, in the form of amendments, onto larger

wayward Washington corporate packages, trimmed of anything


too disenfranchised, too independent – I wandered on

the other side


of the NO TRESPASSING sign, the side

that was made for you and me, the sky


and life

of dreaming, through the trees, like a winding



down a hill – until, staring out, now;


unto a sea

of seismic


faces, rainbowed and ragged,

gently swaying, he thinks man


I have cast some lonely votes,

fought some lonely fights, mounted


some lonely campaigns.  But I do not

feel lonely now.




Posted 02/15/20
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