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It takes a lot of cynicism

to focus on one thing,


believe in a savior

or an enemy.  A lot of enmity,


a lot of nothing.  Luckily,

these kids are hardheaded


and unrelenting. 

They just see a batch of sun


pouring over everything, and wonder

why the hell


aren’t we doing anything?  Why are we

sticking to our news fairy tales, fetishized


reality?  What is so scary

about – not hope –      but courage?  What


about –

not unity –       but solidarity?  Why must you always


focus on

one thing?                               It ain’t one thing,


it is all encompassing,

that’s what’s so exciting.  It is not a man;


it is not a woman.  It is not black and white and Latino;

Asian, Native American, gay, straight, transgender;


immigrant, native-born, young, seasoned, Muslim, Christian;

atheist –


ya know, it must be the Russians.  But if it is one thing, I’d say

it’s Corporations, Inc., who have blocked out that sun, shredded


communities, and continue to profit, perched in their global network

above the sky, while local economies compete in a race to the bottom.


And the oligarchy here at home, with corporate media as its strongarm.

And the division it inspires, by focusing on: one thing.  We will not let you


do that.  We are complicated.  We are optimistic.  We are overwhelming

your compartments, them stratified


senses, like voter suppression.  We’re comin’ for the sun, downright thirsty.

You can try to stop us.  You won’t win.



Posted 02/22/20
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