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The News of the Day

It’s about controlling time,

and not - 

blowing down Buffalo Yard Rd.,

tap tap

of the mind,

beeches hustling

in the long summer’s wind - 

there’s no Art - 

only rot - 

only making a living

like nutsedge 


when you pull it up - 

the long road 

is a good one.

Livin’ fast

ain’t easy, and nothin’s

free.  That’s why

there ought to be

human entitlements

that secularize society

against greed; against the dogmas


by race and class - 

vis a vis

poverty - 

and the news of the day.

Words becoming meaningless

like summer ending,

just a turn and a glance

down that            long              dark              hallway

Posted 09/03/21
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