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Those Without a Country

The missiles don’t know

if they’re misguided;

separate together

leads to dominance,

this is just a mix - 

a one-state solution

where the old thinking

is the problem.  Brothers and sisters,

we can’t

capitalism our way out

of this

anymore.  There has to be room

for collective cooperation.  You can’t


for inequity, only give it

to everybody.  When I see a cherry tree,

blooming on an old street,

it almost feels 

like ecstasy, saxophone

mimicking the wind

eternally.  Last night,

I sat with my son

as he fell asleep, and tried to imagine

what it would be like

if bombs were falling.  What will it take

to un-support nationalism, de-victimize

the conqueror, expatriate

this zero-sum game?  Those without a country

must know.  Same way

a missile, a knee on the neck,

tear gas, chokeholds, checkpoints,

poverty, occupation, apartheid, don’t.  Those without a country

must know

those with a country

will never be free, as long as I, a black person, a 

Palestinian, am dictating policy.  Maybe that’s why

they hate me.  Because I am their country.

I am your country,

mimicking the wind

eternally.  Blowing through the rubble,

after they just killed

my family, marching through the streets,

blowing through

your neighborhood, now

Posted 05/20/21
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