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Time, Exploitation

How do you feel

with the wheel

of hurt

and exuberance?

The poinsettias,

the minutiae.

Are you okay

with the whip

of decay

in bloom?

The orange blossoms,

the revolution.

Are you familiar

with the burnished end table

of capitalism, liberals

who don’t even think weed

should be legal?

The cherry tree,

the pharmaceutical industries.

Can we please

stop profiting

off a pandemic

(release the patents),

and listen to the music?

A chestnut,


Can we develop

a political language

for racism

without cancelling, put policy

before policing?

A butterfly bush,

corruption.  Have you seen the latest

reductionist intervention

for money in politics,

or against the minimum wage

by the National Restaurants Association?

The polin,

the exertion.  The sun like a silver dollar

on our backs.  A piece of fruit,

the truth.  

Posted 04/23/21
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