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When My Time Comes

I know

we haven’t known each other

to well - 

but I know

my mom

considers herself

to be

a lot like you, and likewise,

I consider myself

a lot like her.  This means

I must be

a lot like you.

I hope that’s true.


I want to believe

I will be

as brave

as you.


The birds


and wrestled 

in the mulberrys.  

“I’sorry birdies,” he says,

the next day,  


their trajectory.

We are out there

doing the same thing -  

and the next



                              I am at work,

and it is a moment

I can’t get out of - the wind

blowing through the beeches, my feet


where they can find traction.  Fear - 

that nimble

beast                               not able

to find

any.  Pushed up


the mirror, falling in 

just dust 

and stars.

Posted 03/20/21
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