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               Like a plane rushing overhead, the world

and soluble moment – never far


from dreaming.  We could make

the blue sky rain.


                              If God

is Time


because when we die

we become it, but when


we are alive

we’re forced to live                 within


it, then perhaps



is the closest

we come

to divinity.

We’re alive

within’ it

but without

contention.  We’re

not afraid.  We’re afraid

of the dark, and of what’s

around that bend, and what happens

when you unscrew a fire hydrant, but we’re not afraid

of going to sleep at night.  Death was existential.  Death was a wonder.

Sometimes late at night though, like a little drill inside my skull, I would panic.


                                                         As we get older, that panic subsides, but so does the divinity,

because now we are in contention with time.  We cheat it, with a drink, a smoke, a


forbidden love.  We also live within it, with a poem, a song, a marriage. 

                                                                        And then you have your own kids,


and the panic and divinity are back.  This time maybe the divinity

comes late at night


and panic supercedes the day.  You are not afraid

of the dark


or what’s










how public infrastructure works,


but you’re

a little afraid


of going to sleep at night –

of missing anything.  Death is less existential, the spirit laid bare

before you, because life

is a wonder.



Posted 07/30/20
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