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The Farnsworth House

From left to West these things unrhymed,
like your drained feelings and a page.

Come one, come flaws!

Those dots are campfires of the gentle people.
Welcome to my home: the less complicated girlfriend.

Imagine feeling a sheer suitcase.
And speaking of frontal approaches,
In Plano I also saw an
attractive mom community swimming pool.

Lay down your seamed and seamless things:
prism of dry mustard seeds on the rim of the before-bed lamp,
pyramid of dim schooners in the margin

Imagine me, in a skirt like a coverslip, with thyme.
Imagine your potential is a china cup at a bull auction–
your animal can sleep here.

Meet Ludwig, Rail From Which You Can See Mercury.
Anything can be braced up,
given enough poise (overhead dove).
How can you build something as imperative as a
prescription for moonlight?
Dress for the life you want.
Invite a divorcee.
Invite your cat.
Posted 05/27/13
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