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Ancient History

Hercules could throw his pencil over mountains.
Aristotle could throw his hot water bag over great channels.
Sophocles, when he wasn’t over tired, could boil potatoes
one hundred at a time, just by looking at them and saying
boil boil boil. We need to remember this when we are weak.
When we are weak none of our faculties work for us. Yesterday
I was doing laundry. I could not sort the whites from the colors.
I looked at the pile of clothes on my floor for over an hour.
I thought to ask the mother of mercy for guidance.
It was a government holiday and my infrastructure was broken.
The old mothers of Egypt could sew ten buttons per hour
and lightning could fold all the frayed, old rugs. Men and women
marked each other with chocolate. If you loved somebody
you threw chocolate at them. I would throw a chocolate
folding chair at you. In ancient times, things were easier.
One time, when I was shoving newspaper into my shoes,
I thought I heard you flick a house over with your finger.
Doves are rugs and machine guns are universities.
If you call me by my real name, I will put my bottle down.
The stupendous and the bored congregated around the barn.
If you loved the horses inside, your love would feed them for you.

Posted 12/12/09
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