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Dinner Plans

You will cook a space needle.

You will cook the longest grain of rice.

The longest, most slender grain of rice

it will stretch around the world. 

It will be the finest filament, it will shimmer.

It will loop and curl over the continents. 

It will be a meridian. 

People will walk up to it

and toss stones over it

and the stones they toss over it

will take on its sheen

and those stones will become very valuable

and we will have tossed the most stones

over our looping strand of rice

and so people will walk up to us

and begin tossing stones over us.

Say, for instance,

when we are pushing a shopping cart to our car,

a shopping cart that is

naturally full of bananas and crackers

and celery stalks jutting out the tops of bags

and the soft sides of grapefruit 

squeezing out through the shopping cart’s bars,

it will be when we are doing ordinary things

that the air above us will be studded with precious minerals

doing their hopeful arcs from hand to hand,

which is to say that we will constantly

be in a kind of mineral shower;

a kind of regular and small meteor shower of mixed colors

will decorate the space around us

even when we pump gas

and this is, of course, because you will be so talented with rice,

and eventually we will wind the filament up

and coil it around all of our posts

and of course, during its journey,

our filament will have become encrusted

with all these minerals

and so all of our posts will be completely studded with minerals,

they will be unlike any posts

and you will be able to see them from space

and astronauts, when they are lonely

and eating their dried bananas and astronaut ice cream

will look longingly out their windows

at the gray space debris around them

and they will want to reach out and toss some debris 

through the distance of the solar system

and some of the debris will reach us,

for instance, when we are lying in bed

watching television shows about aliens,

some small, gray piece of space debris

might filter through the curtains, like some kind of bird

and its feathers will become spectacular

just for its proximity to us

and so as time and space travel both continue and expand

we will become ever more surrounded by these birds.

So I hope you like birds.  There will be a lot of them.

And they will lay very fine eggs

and so we will never run out of eggs. 

Posted 01/13/10
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