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Look at this gorgeous day!

It reminds me of a huge and I mean huge flock of sheep.

Probably the biggest you have ever seen. 

And naturally, it is a special flock, too,

in that each sheep is balancing something on its head. 

Here and there, of course, the occasional sheep is balancing something

ever so carefully on its spine, perhaps because of the extra challenge

perhaps just to stand out in the crowd, but whatever the case may be

each one is balancing something on its body. 

I am particularly interested in the sheep that chose ashtrays.  

There are ten of them by my count

and each one is being followed around by a smoker.

My favorite one is being followed by a man smoking a cigar.

The sheep went to the courtesy to provide him a big ashtray

becasue cigar ash is generally larger than cigarette ash.

My first thought was that the sheep did this

to avoid getting cigar ash on its wool

but the man periodically misses the ashtray

and the sheep doesn’t seem to mind at all

so that theory is probably wrong. 


I think you are probably more interested in the sheep that are balancing pottery on their heads. 

There are lots of them, probably fifty or more.  



Posted 01/16/10
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