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It’s tough to steer the state penitentiary
in the county parade.
I like it when someone who has to be lying
is quoted as saying, “But where does anything
come from? Now take it back.”
Up the road, the far off tendency
we’ll one day encounter, is terribly clear
to the UPS driver who’s pounding
on his own front door with his forehead
since it’s his package he’s carrying; since
it’s his front door his family is slow to open.
I’m falling in love with my car.
My organ, your organ, it doesn’t matter
when the eternal flame is better recognized
by its theme music than its diminished
and tangential importance. Stamp: History.
What does it mean when I’m reminded
that updates are available, yet I ignore the updates,
sometimes for months, sometimes forever.
Posted 04/22/09
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