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Lizards like phoenixes and lizards
and dragons and phoenixes and elephants
and snakes and unicorns and giraffe.

I’m having another baby again but without
or ever an identity. Never to be the pope.

Never to be spoken of as dirty or Ed.
When I yell at your children
it will only make me feel worse.

Yoko Ono just put a photo online
of John Lennon’s blood spattered glasses.
I feel worse now for being three when he died.

I bet I was on the couch when he was shot,
being as unfaithful or unreliable
as I am today, but without socks on.

And so tell me when I can go ahead and rob
this rotten old bank?
And I’ll tell you how good it feels to know
that everything around us is edible.
Posted 03/26/13
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