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HISTORY OF _______________

No one said you
would keep thinking
about the film. Of course
there’s the boy
missing both his hands,
but what you visualize,
mostly, is the camera
panning an airfield
of damaged planes, accusatory steel
rivets, and the smooth
bellies of the B-52s.
Open them up. That’s what
you’re supposed to
do. And if you remember
any beauty in the desert,
you also remember
an IED exploding fifteen
yards from you,
the shards like after-
thoughts insinuating themselves
into your legs. Separate
epiphanies. The doctor
keeps moving chairs in front
of you, forcing you
to change directions. Your room
is a maze of furniture
neighboring other identical
rooms. You wonder.
It’s not that the body disgusts
you: it is disgusting. The
problem, as you see it,
is that inanimate objects
coming alive. You stay
awake to watch them
shift in this divine wind.
Posted 09/28/09
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