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Guam, U.S.A

All the people not from here, all the Texan lilt temp jobs
all the mirage of massage parlors, the knock-off Vegas gigs
B-stars wasted on Hilton buffets, hummer drunk joyrides
the camo and coded chatter of the terminal hops
to Hawaii, per diems gouging the hijacked handicrafts
bastard myth images, one-day jaunts, layover benders
Duty Free Marlb Red cartons, billboarded faux-nesians
and the fast-cash stands at the luggage line
plastic bags groaning, the fattened waddling
and shop-worn heels toeing the too-new curbs
on the vacant strip in Agana.

All the knicked-chin boys at the Andersen Base
all from Michigan from towns no one says they’re from
all the shock of palm trees and brown strippers
Chamorras waiting tables in the Hafa Adai strip mall, clinging
to the fat-lipped foreign sounds, abandoned beaches
for the first time, loitering with forties in a pawn shop,
waiting for the heat again, to bust into a wave
on a borrowed board by the landing strip beach,
rocket a rented bike on the up-curve to Two Lover’s Point,
to the bent guard rails, to the sheered edges, the tested grip
of gridlocked heels, here Where America’s Day Begins
the set flares pushing off, the burnt clouds passing for sunset,
they pretend to pull clips, they kill birds and watch them fall.
Posted 09/03/10
"Enlistment" originally appeared in Fourteen Hills, 16.2
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