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multiplication of

woven of patterns sonic or rough. deep sea creatures cause an opening of mouth, drop of tongue to click with cymbals or timber. pulling weeds from hope-crazed waiting. i surround myself with elbow room. buttons or baubles lift the earth surface above & below, a simultaneous gesture of buttery-blue dog bones. a dedicated bird tackles an older nest with fists as i proceed to fit inside his sidewalk glances. tumble toward fingerprints. what is real. what reveals. burdened by hours spent on a bench, but i take good pictures while clouds are moving. imagining what the right angles of your body are communicating. gradual curve of becoming triangulation, steep three to five minutes. pick the best picture, keep in mind your unawareness and power. we talk through the language of alchemy, trading spasms & species of rising eagle. the O is a beautiful letter, practical for speech and expression. the O provides a platform for musical deliberation or unhinged disclosure. the current of electricity is in your heart. & i hear it.
Posted 09/01/09
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