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After the bees —

        After Standing Rock

darkness. Blooms
so rare you’d save the petals,
sticky with rot and ache
like a coming storm.

Set aside your skin
your arms, stuck with
blood and pollen.
Relax your face
and see how it feels.

If you turn the glass just right
so it hits both the sun and the river
you can see their future —

darkness. Blooms
so wide the trees whipped back
only the young ones survived.

Set aside your boots
the forests are uprooted
the silt seems thinner
and so much farther down.

After the bees
we pulled out our own molars
with the hedge clippers.
We ate up all the honey
and cried ourselves to sleep.

Darkness blooms in the dying expanse
where they make their myths. The sound
of wings lives only in the black
belts rolling us through airports
above the lacquered earth. Our spirits
are not our own.

If you open your mouth just right
you can taste the drums. Mud
fills the rain barrels.

— let the black snake
root through your meat
to your core. Bring it out
into the light.

Posted 05/10/17
Previously published in Day One.
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I really like this one. Powerful. My favorite stanza is the one that starts with , "After the bees." "We ate up all the honey//and cried ourselves to sleep." Just gorgeous.
05/18/17 10:29am