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if I look at the child

and she drops her glass

I made this happen

with my mind

when I am thinking

about it & the wind

picks up

I am encouraged

I am only able to see me

when I am alone

in my own car

when I can't tell

what I mean

when I say 'home'

& in the natural foods store

feeling living

I buy all the balms

I can

all my life

is seasons

needing their own winter

behind every great woman

is a mountain

she will leave

her children

at the base of

in every offering

I am both sides but

mostly the air around it

most things are

to be endured

another most is our choices

I don't know

the names of many trees

I don't know how to feel

about family

in the water I feel

like the only kind of fish

that fits in

the exactness of me

& naked

my blood changes colors

& tries to escape

I have more of it


more sleep

another set

of fingers

with the wind up

I feel me becoming

but further on

up ahead

like a road
Posted 05/09/13
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