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Two teardrops floating down the river
Whisperin Bill Anderson

Having no need for discussion
but enjoying a conversation
God told Lucifer
about plans for Adam

As cheeks puffed up
Lucifer leapt

Went down chasing nostalgia
before it
hit the river
to be lost

Tears fall faster than angels do

and as the dawn breeze cut across

the land and Adam arose,

the garden found
water for thirsty seed.

Lucifer, in luck,
caught a couple
    straggling drops
    before Eden did

Holding tight to them
    all heat gone
    from hands

tucked them
down below
in mimicry of man.

The tree grew
and shape was changed momentarily
but most of all,
the imitation of the envied

As further the spiral was assembled

As first Cain and Abel
    then the others arrived

Until even the inner sanctum
of melancholy was invaded,
and Dante caught glimpse

of much treasured tears
below the waist
so maybe God
wouldnt know
the difference between hate and hiding

So maybe the commonality
of want and wait
could be kept secret.

Posted 04/16/17
Originally published in Synchronized Chaos
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