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Letters To No One (fragments)

There’s nothing worse than being confused.  And, it’s been like this for awhile now.  Stars shooting straight thru your heart leaves a mind not quite right.  New things paint the mind black and blue.  Faces come back thru misty memories.  Eyes - . . . .

                Eyes reflect weakened souls struggling to creep, crawl and see.  Ferret their way to another crippled ethereal essence trapped on the physical plane.  Trapped in a shabby frame.


                But, do you really want to be released?  No, what is more human than attachment?


And , the spirit, the soul!  Will eat the flesh at any point.  There is something it needs on a very conscious level.  Life!

                It is synonymous with Lives!


Unfortunately, the truth beats you back into being even the body is still being eaten away.


                Maybe the eyes should be plucked out hands removed.


                And, remember always, there are some things that can be thrown away.  Two by two, that’s the key (phrase).

* * *

You’re not fooling anyone, not even I.  Oddly enough, you’re managing not to curse the morning.  And, the head is still being anointed w/ oil.

                The desert sky can’t stretch infinite.  The valley is not an inescapable trap.

                But, if you stop trying, then you’re not fooling me.  Escape is the only answer.  Smiles are not necessary when dealing with grief.  There is only – the robot.

                The will to flee is the power to be.  Stronger than adrenaline.  Beyond hormones.  Deeper than philosophy is the ability to be.  This to be is to flee.  Freedom now!  But, never can we escape e/motion.

                 You miss people and mourn.  But, move on, please.

* * *

Desire’s river flows.

Dams ravaged under one’s reign

                The clouds roll on

                                as Robeson sings.


Run not through here anymore.


Let the apples rot

                and hang a soul

                                on the Bodhi tree.


Chant till the faeries

                bring one back here

 But don’t let that river

                carry on thru this.

* * *

Tenderness denied as blues walks and 

home never was too good at

having a feeling

worth going to.

Posted 04/20/17
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