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“Fables have a very tough skin. They are the daughters of the invisible.” (Jean Cocteau) attempted nomadic . shame fog betrays search . landslide , rebel against lands hooked to edge . give fall to protagonists change center , radius, diameter and circumference of hunting grounds . two home tease . before each time call it a close call while dragging down erect posturing silent stone in depths of desire . then it doesn’t - becomes don’t- cleans up scrubs for approval . probability calculated illusion’s bar set . constellations’ failed logic fell apart from machine . foreign tongues were swallowed washed down with various cup sizes in padded bras and followed by cage bars – eager for something steel, something sweet to go with underwire picking Arabic and Hebrew from teeth . never is a verb . moving is on not over . played that way in head while eyes absorb high sky , get lost in sun . inferno of system’s center makes potential for paradise, purgatory, remedy for pretending compared . true came to dreams. died there uncared for golden in bitter fantasy . miscarried ! skin called snake asked how to begin again , accepted all offers, apologies, jokes then leapt into brush and bramble through grass where blood was sweat turned red by fear of flames fanned in hesitancy’s hyperventilation . blistered soul exploded over pyre funeral carried on in another tradition , temptation’s blessing was dark on its blazed path carved in shaky hands nettled and fragile . more . . full lips stole space from voice from slogan and anthem . gifts were cursed in hope marked as worn down by millennia of inheritance . sheen of miracles were marred in patina of desperation . where the white buffalo and white hart went is a secret of budding grove without place named . shroud made of baby teeth was all that stood between milk, honey and kryptonite streets . easier now for youth restored shifts shape prison of deterioration ignored in exercise habits of weight taken off to where burden was law etched in uterine walls . fly. release. fix. improv(is)e.
Posted 04/18/17
Originally published in Brooklyn Rail
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