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and the sky has rejected the request the sea has no more room and nobody’s here to stand by while the world is falling into another nightmare under clouds above reflections as yesterday’s shirt keeps a log of last night’s secrets and there’s always time when space runs out and off and into further place finally broken away * dust won’t settle lay claim to a surface then be wiped away instead stays stuck in air frozen in light beams calling quits to all the work still left undone by dreams and what does leaving behind predictability for a few days do for tomorrow and its rockets still yet to bloom? space age is gone but going further than ever are crafts no man can man into deepest pockets still new to see if stars don’t deny sight to lenses set to focus where daydreams won’t and getting carried away is how anybody ever got this far hell, ain’t I a spore too? * every second counts counts itself twice over to be doubly sure it occurred and not too long ago to be truly lost but to also be of this moment too and flowers in wilting cast a shadow also as birds molt fur is shed and sometimes a little rot does the body or at least the world a little good but can a nanobot ever really smile? how ever small but what cheekbones and such a fine jawline how close is the next generation so we can say goodbye before going our own separate waves?
Posted 04/17/17
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