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music ends next week

radios will look dumb

jukeboxes impossible to explain

colored vinyl pretty but mysterious

tell your kids that justin timberlake 

was a famous chimneysweep 

lady gaga a soup

that prisoners ate

michael jackson a disgraced army general

compact discs the leading killer

of dolphins and octopi 

instead of happy birthday

we squeeze our faces and moan

that piano an abstract sculpture

guitars turned in like guns

people will be sad for a few days

but they’ll get extra money

to put in their leather pouches

and look at

any time they want to 

sometimes people will try to remember

what a song was

but it will feel impossible

to shape the air like

something that could make you cry

Posted 05/05/20
Note: When I looked up the plural of octopus, it said it is acceptable to use octopi or octopuses.
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