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I am too old to play Jesus Christ in a movie.
I wrote this on the wall
of Jesusbook–
The new social network for church-goers.

(I am dabbling in God.)

A priest commented:
A nun commented:

Satan lived longer
has lived
is still living
I think

I am too young to play Satan in a movie.

On Jesusbook
I use a photo of former NFL quarterback
Kurt Warner
as my profile picture.

I love Kurt Warner.
He almost won a Super Bowl
with my favorite football team
after years
of misery.

I can only imagine him in a dream
holding up the Lombardi trophy
and winking at me through
the television.
This is for you, his mouth says.

I want to play him in a movie.

Posted 04/09/13
I strongly believe that Kurt Warner should be elected to the pro football hall of fame. I have not been to a church service in the past ten years.
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