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Your voice is in italics
Your voice is neon
Your voice is in trouble
Your voice is stuck in an elevator
Your voice is locked inside someone else’s home

Your voice is in my phone
and his phone and her phone
and once in that pay phone over there

Your voice is in Alaska or Hawaii
Your voice is in another time zone
Your voice is caught in your throat
my ear

Your voice is a worm
that eats everything inside me
and never gets bigger

Your voice turns to
in your closed mouth
It trickles out

a whisper

Posted 03/12/13
When I read at If Not For Kidnap at Donald Dunbar's house, my son pretended to be me (put on my glasses and jacket) and read this poem to start the reading. It was pretty dramatic. Hahaha
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love this.
01/14/14 9:53am