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Las Fotos del Éxtasis

                after Dali, with thanks to Mary Jo Bang


The camera never lies so when

you see me spread out

in the corner,

my arm an invitation to

oblivion, surely I am what I seem.

            I am lying here.

            (¿en una cama?)

            I am not.

I took the missionary position

and the sepia wonder of the brothel

faded into the gray scale slipping me

entre las fronteras negras and white skin.

            I am lying.

            (do I mean miento?)

            English is handily oscuro like that.

Your ears surround me like fireflies

and I am obscured by the dark

la sombra de una fotografia sin


            I am (miento, siempre)


My eyelashes rest against

my cheeks and then my eyelids

split open and stare at the point

just beyond your temple. Nunca en


            I am


Posted 09/26/14
Originally appeared in Fifth Wednesday Journal's Spring 2009 issue. Available in THE WOLF AT THE DOOR
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