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I Only Have Eyes

My love must be a soldier with a great large heart
I can’t see anyone but millionaires paying
money to have a robot take care of them
but I only have eyes
what do I know?

I don’t know if we’re in a ghetto or a fortress
a variety of photocell switches for about $8–$11
can be used to sense cloudy or bright
thousands and maybe millions of people
do fantasy sports on the internet
which is really cool

now we’re in a garden/conservatory type place
here are the stars, out at some reasonable distance
the sun is here and the earth is here
years may go by but they all come back
a popular guy in school was worried
that the moon may be better than the earth

I took the bike for a ride around
the block, or rather several blocks, tonight
I don’t know if it’s the perfect bike
but it is really really good
but often the person I was following
would disappear from view
walking up or down a staircase or on
a crowded avenue? why?
why why why?

I held the milk between www.girlsofhawaii.com breasts
until girlsofhawaii got warm for you, dear
I kind of understand the reasoning why the compression
is so high but I can’t see why I am not allowed to change
a “thing” in the sky, which was a “place”
for it contained a “thing”

this kind of blind love is making
the children’s fingers numb
but since you are here, so am I
let’s see what’s cooking

Posted 03/01/09
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