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It was pretty much just color covered with no

color. Snow. It was like having a system where

you actually got to get away with nothing. Awake

in the undone and planned not doing. Just float

off inside the stuff everything isn’t made of.

Routine the empty inside the full, black glass

of water. Having seen yourself ache for whatnot.

No one’s going to make it. Reminded again this

isn’t God o’clock in the morning. People heave

at all hours. How can anything important be lost?

Somewhere things are happening to agree on all

things, maybe. Another horse dream appears

meaningful to the horse you happen to ride inside

it. But you’re not inside a dream are you? The

hiding in care. Try boasting a there-there. Take

another version of adore. A look like snuff makes

light dark and thinks at what you’ll always never do.

Disappoint love. Be greedy and inconsiderate. Steal

what you don’t need. Memorize the world. What’s a

wish? A lie an if. Was spared once, and never


Posted 03/06/18
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