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Uncertainty wears pants
made from banana peels.
I choked on a ridiculous
mint, called for my
binoculars and the soil
worked under the bar stool,
to cave a way under the weight
of my dangling feet. Drilled
the spinning all the way down
When you’ve been had
the way people tend to have
you, watch what strangers do
with their hands in a mutually un
-suspicious way. To make
two quarters spin at the same
time. This particular ghost-faith
allows for those dreams of yours
to haunt you on my behalf.
I gorge impatiently on health
makes me unhealthy. To eat
every county seed save the
suck of nut inside a dead
squirrel’s heart—hidden,
forgotten. Stunted rupture.
A man just came up to me
and told me his name was
John. I told him that was my
middle name. He said the key
to a happy marriage was to
follow the good. Now when
I think of the good I think of
a large, middle-aged, black man
named John singing uninhibitedly,
pridelessly or with nothing but,
every single word to “Jane
Says” by Jane’s Addiction. “At
fifty-three I do not seek it,
but I more than don’t care, I
will welcome the end of this life.”
To catch a passing train’s horn
in your throat. To use a word
is violence and I am a pile
of violence.
Posted 01/11/15
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