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And this was something
we knew. The black sand
mingles the eclipsed beach
water’s blueness for bubbles
to gray.

Seeing for us touchers
in the dark makes do. I love

can finally tell you something
true inside the time of this moment
is gone now. And again.
If I want to smell inside of
your body smells. The way I when.

What happened to logic is
sound and the things are neat to be not

Fill a mouth
with scratched off slate
scrape of the chest brain’s
loopy heart. It sounds like
a song.

There must be something to
speak the words of our saying
soon. Some machine to pick
out the stuck image of the past
posting notice of suffer,
the gargle to gag and to soothe.
I wonder some particular street
–know the what
of the when.

The sashay
of the spool just sits there. This instant,
a single strand of spider silk on
the ceiling becomes our sharing of.
You, the meaning’s becoming ghosts
off your now what is said
so say became.

Why apologize at all after the trick
if it’s what you wanted?

Why stare
into the base of my neck and not
my holes?
Posted 10/22/13
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