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This primary bit of body
to actually be body. Flesh
is secondary. I have tolerated
touch for feeling’s sake forgetting
thought is necessary.

I can think of you fondly if after existed.
I can touch the thought of your touch if
possibility were possible. Refuse as in
trash, refusal as in self, rest inside the
symbiosis of this skin’s priority.

To hate
one’s self requires any

I feel sadly
lacks the appropriate signatures.

It’s as if the dog you killed actually cared about its killing.

Like the one last lick of bottle to say hello to yourself again.

The boy playing a man explains his self by showing 8 x 10” photographs of his childhood to the general public.

Inside this story
well past its beginning
went something like this:

“Or maybe he was too afraid
of fear to actually hold himself
accountable to anything. Including

To care too much or not at all are both really just the same person standing in the same spot looking in different directions of the same circle.


Or the other lesser known story of the man playing a boy shooting pool with the rest of them knowing too much of himself to actually be his self,

“I’ve had enough,” he stretched
and patted his belly.

When I say, “uncle,” what I really mean
is mercy.
Posted 10/22/13
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