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The Big Bad

handle of a gun
exploded in the hand
of my left arm’s hand.

Begging isn’t all that
different from suffo
-cating a pair of scissors
desire for cutting the
paper of your heirs’ last
attempt at completing

I saw a red
red dog. It was as big
as a big thing—that thing
you were so afraid of telling
your grandfather about that
one time. But then things
weren’t so simple back
then. Back when your lips
hadn’t yet been miserable,
back when your entire body
wasn’t a fish tank for people
to covet a cleaning or two
guppies you were so sorry
for you. So-so for your eyes
look at your long long blonde.

Take me to the movies!
Show me what Tom Cruise does.
Show me what that fountain falls on it
-self. When I was water a child
meant absolutely nothing
to me. It was as if the moon looked
down on a town and said “follow
your fellow citizens down that
road way” where you never
wanted to go. It was a place you
had never been before.

fascinating thing about a fact
is that eyes never see eyes’ fact
eyes sees. Does

makes you horrible. Prob
-ably.                      Waiting for
an explosion to go off in front
of my face for the entire time
face was face. And do you know
how easy it is to talk out of some
-thing like that? It’s as easy as
                       and you.
Posted 07/07/14
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