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First Breath to Death

Scaling a secluded street, avoiding steamy mulch, adolescent spirit skips. Tainted tail of spasmatic squirrel rests on wall of every-which-way stacked stones. Fragile foliage and ridged needles blown to mounds under pillars prettified with petals and perishables dispersed by creature out of its climate. Clustered carbon particles protrude from bound brick tunnel committing suicidal chaos. Network of opposing odors leads to secretive solitude from erratic exterior. Attention averted to subservient slave surrounded by inanimated peasants under ballistic booms shredding sky. Expiring to eradication of existence, darkness descends dispersing frigid falling flurries onto unexpected night. Architectural adornment stands sentry, praying for promise of peace.
Posted 10/12/12
Response I wrote to Robert Francis's "Silent Poem"
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