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Presque vu

A brown dawn fluctuates
             along foundation
                          and misconduct.
The moon is overtaken
             in its concealment
                          and cycles down
into contrivances.

The dream of architecture,
             which eclipsed the violence
                          of its inception, collapsed
the volition of its inaner
             epic in a wake founding
                          the circumference
of her pink city-state.

One recites only excerpts
             from the tentative redaction
                          of some apocrypha
reconstructed after the fact
             that one happens to be.
                          One happens upon this hut
through the negation of abandon.

Still, lacking
             the word will not
                          star her consequence.
Tomorrow will just be
             a misworded account
                          proclaimed from memory.

Posted 11/13/09
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